I used to DJ weddings. Here's three from my list of memories: Read more

I keep a foam back roller at work. Once a day, I toss it down on the floor and roll out my back. It's a BIG help to get things re-aligned, and is likely quite a bit easier for the average person than this. Read more

You're correct...but the actual amount you'll pay in PMI on a monthly basis is tied to your credit score as well. Read more

It is, but the actual amount you pay in PMI is also based on your median credit score. Read more

Yeah...I'll echo this. The magic number when it comes to PMI is 760, IIRC what my mortagage guy told me. Read more

Samson Go Mic is really really good. I'd pit it against my Blue Yeti for recording a single person speaking. And, it's incredibly portable...unlike anything made by Blue. Read more

So you're saying government agencies require work to be done? Who knew!?! Read more

That has literally nothing to do with which environment is better. No one buys a computer because "Microsoft is just so damned nice" or "Apple gives money to starving African kids". Read more

If smells make you buys things, it's no wonder I've never walked into an Abercromie store. Get within 15 feet of the entrance and your nostrils will be burnt with the smells of cheap cologne and 17 year old hormones. Read more

Yes, but only because I canibalized a GTX 460 from my old machine when I built my current i7-Sandy box. When I built that, the 460's were pretty inexpensive as the newer cards had just come out, so I picked up an additional one. Read more

I'm 6'2" and 260lbs. No way is this going to replace my gym membership. Read more

Why not just create your own install media, and use that in tandem with the backup option? You could always revert to a clean copy of Windows, then lay your current settings/apps/etc. back down to any date you want from your backups. Read more

Between myself, brother, girlfriend, and mom, we've bought our last 8 cars from dealer auctions. We've got a good dealer who goes out, finds exactly what we want, and we save the entire dealer mark-up...with the exception of the fee we pay to our guy, which is about $500 all said and done. Read more

Based on what? Your appreciation of Plex? The WD Tv Live boxes are top-notch and don't require anything more than a network connection and shared media to operate. No re-encoding, no indexing service, no DLNA. Read more

My comments were meant to be related to the WD TV Live...not the Roku. ;) Read more

That's what I don't want to do - maintain or even run a DLNA. It's overkill me as I do not have a need to access my media outside of my house. Read more

This is true. I am a Prime member, but have never played around w/ their video services. I'd be more inclined to check it out, or even upgrade my WD Live boxes if they made a newer model that offered it. Read more

Does this finally allow for streaming of content on my LAN w/o the use of DLNA? If not, it's still not good enough to replace my multiple WD TV Live boxes. Read more