Mar 12 2015

The word "genius" is over-used. In Sir Terry Pratchett's case, the word "genius" cannot be used enough. This is a great loss, for all of us.

Feb 21 2015

The monk is still alive, he is just in deep meditation.

Feb 20 2015

Speaking of kids and underwear, when I was in kindergarten I had a HUGE crush on my older brother's best friend Sam, a sexy older man in the 4th grade. Every day after school, after Sam and my bro locked themselves in his bedroom to avoid me, I would slide my Little Mermaid panties, one by one, underneath the door. Read more

Feb 20 2015

When I was in 2nd grade, my class made gingerbread cookies. The teachers orchestrated an elaborate ruse where they pretended the gingerbread cookies ran away. They left flour trails around the school, and wrote messages from the gingerbread cookies with chalk. Messages like "Run run as fast as you can, can't catch Read more

Feb 20 2015

Was anyone else one of those uber-sensitive kids who ascribed feelings to their toys and stuffed animals? I used to play with all of my toys on a rotation because I was afraid of hurting their feelings. I kind of did that with my clothes too - I would feel guilty if I didn't wear my red shirt for a while because I was Read more

Feb 20 2015

As a seven year old, I raided the kitchen for my art supplies. I took some herbs, green food coloring, lemon juice, and turmeric powder to create this. My dad was so angry at me for destroying the kitchen and geting half the spice cabinet all over the floor, but he took this, and he framed it because he thought it was

Feb 20 2015

I was 8 years old when I went into my parent's bedroom one morning while my parents were still asleep and saw my Dad had a boner. I totally freaked out, woke my Mom up by dragging her out of the bed, and called 911 because I thought it was a chestburster from Aliens.

Feb 17 2015

Nope. Wrong. Take it back. He's cute and talented and all, but I am not on board.

Feb 6 2015

Interesting fact: one of the reasons this movie was so expensive was because they had to rebuild the sets every four days because of all the scenery-chewing.