The ex-homeless guy does drugs. This hurts himself and nobody else. The couple stole $400,000 which was not theirs. They made suckers out of the thousands of people who donated, and they cheated the one for whom the donations were intended. Only a clueless moron would try to equate the two parties.

No, he should be given every cent of the money from the folks who wanted him to have it.

-There’s also the issue of homeless man thinking he deserves it all! Read more

It’s amazing how the last time this was posted people rushed to defend the couple and yet the only people with proven problems handling money are them.

Seriously. Plus, that was his money to squander, however he deemed fit. Fuck anyone who thinks his drug addiction is justification for denying him what was rightfully his.

So in the 10 months since the Go Fund Me was set up for Bobbitt, he would’ve spent roughly $5,000 on drugs.  Yeah that would’ve really been squandering the money compared to how well McClure and D’Amico managed it.

I think there are plenty of shows and movies that aren’t framed as explicit morality tales, with complex and often repugnant characters like Breaking Bad or Mad Men. Nightcrawler is a movie with a protagonist that exploits characters around him, even causing his employee’s death. He never even gets a moment of Read more

I love that the CW, which hardly ever has met a high-concept premise involving attractive young people that it didn’t like, gave this a quick once-over and then took a  hard pass

Maybe don’t make shows where weight loss is the be all and end all goal? Maybe make shows starring fat women who are happy with their weight and just continuing to exist in the world and their weight doesn’t consume their every-waking moment? Don’t use farstuits. Use fat actresses and make shows that aren’t about Read more

Or maybe just don’t make a show about how a fat person can only be happy if she really looks like Debbie Ryan and has her jaw wired shut so she can be skinny? CGI would be just as much a problem. Read more

They had that joke in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, too, but it wasn’t about how fat Rebecca was, it was about how lonely she was. Which made it much, much funnier.

The fat thing also is still very very bad. You want to know how fat and insatiable Patty was? She ate her twin in the womb. No joke. Like really. They had that in the show.

On the other hand, it would be a really great opportunity to have some “track work” occurring when all of them are loaded on one train, preferably in between stations, and preferably with an AC outage.

Teaching people (especially blacks) how to think, is one of my primary missions in life. Read more

15% isnt a percentage for winners.

9. Just smart enough to know they’re not smart and angry about it.
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Really? “It’s always something” that’s your take?

Trans people taking issue with non-trans casting in trans roles

Wah wah it’s always something

Gay people being frustrated by stereotypical and homophobic representations Read more