Sep 25

Space-robot!  Open the space-door so that I can take my space-dog for a space-walk.  Have my space-food-pill waiting for me when I space-return!

Apr 16

Could River have touched Wash’s mind as he died and carried part of that with her? Maybe that’s why she’s instantly a good pilot at the end of Serenity...

Apr 11

Wow, an article about Taskmaster. What a delightful surprise! This is probably my favorite task:

Apr 7

Do you mean “a director tried to use a game to actually say something - multiple somethings, in fact - rather than retread common tropes like saving a princess/the world/etc.” 

Feb 24

Hey its cool but you know what this show needs more of?

Feb 21

... Portal, a new sci-fi monster movie from director Rob Prior and Blue Fox Entertainment (and no, it has nothing to do with the Valve sci-fi puzzler of the same name). Read more

Feb 13

Uh...what? The original was not “cartoony”. It was anime. Read more

Feb 13

Taika Waititi also told Variety he “doesn’t know” if Jane Foster will have cancer in Thor: Love & Thunder.

Jan 29

...but that’s vanity only! You can earn ships just through gameplay and trading earned in-game currencies (Dilithium can be turned into Zen, which can then be used to purchase cosmetic/vanity ships & items). Aside from that, Star Trek Online gives away free top tier (Tier 6) starships three times a year via in-game Read more

Jan 9

People were like, ‘Tell us about the dragon. Tell us about this, the history.’ Read more

Dec 19

It’s about time Marvin Acme got taken to court over his shenanigans. Do you know he wrote his will with disappearing ink and Toon Town almost got turned into a highway?

Dec 2

It probably should have gone more like this.

Nov 5

I saw this flick during its original theater run.

I was eleven.

Even at the age where anything with a video game property even tangentially attached to it made my heart race, I knew this thing was absolute shit—and I knew it walking out of the theater.

I still own a copy, just to remind myself that I didn’t actually Read more

Oct 22

Right, and that’s always going to be the big problem with filming Foundation. Imagine an accurate blurb, “the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to run away as far as possible and do nothing while the forces of mathematics slowly make things better,” doesn’t play quite as well. 

Oct 22

I’m not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to a pirate Batman on the big screen.

Oct 17

“A gingerbread man sits inside a gingerbread house. Is he made of house? Or is the house made of man? He screams, for he does not know."

Oct 10

Oh god, I never thought about it yeah - put a red wig on him and he’d be agreat Guy Gardner.