Jul 2

Yes, it rules. Plus you’ll learn important lessons about the food pyramid, and how you can get ADD (And its hypepractive cousin, ADHD) from a toilet seat.

Apr 27

That was far and away the best sketch of the show. And her cats deadpan expression through the whole thing made it even better next to Kate's wide-eyed manic look. I still watch her Casablanca skit from a few years ago everytime I need a laugh. 

Apr 26

I enjoyed the show. Glad Dr. Fauci got a shout out. And loved Brad as him. As they say. WIshes do come true.  I’m impressed that SNL is doing this. It’s hard for them to basically be doing 1 man/woman shows. so good job all around

Feb 3 2020

If you have not seen it, this video on the behind the scenes of Princes’ halftime show just made him more amazing. Anyone that says “Can you make it rain harder?” is not of this earth.

Feb 2 2020

The MAGAs had a rough night. Lol Latinas took over the halftime show and Nick Bosa lost his opportunity to go to the White House. Amazing. 

Dec 29 2019

congrats, this is the weakest “he may have been a disgusting worthless racist, but he was always cool to me” post of the day. you win. how embarrassing.

Dec 29 2019

lol imagine being such a piece of shit bigot that you think being opposed to racism is a political stance. 

Dec 28 2019

Being against racism isn’t a political issue numbnuts, so it’s not “politically correct.” It’s just CORRECT. Vaccinate your kids, the Earth isn’t flat, and racism is bad, these are concepts anyone with two working brain cells should be able to figure out.

Dec 28 2019

If you read this article and think "he was possibly a difficult individual” no one cares about your opinion.

Nov 6 2019

Please don’t make me choose between people who openly root for the Patriots and the scowling, apathetic 3rd wife of the worst president in US history. Please.