11/24/19 11:25AM

The GMC Savanna is not the Astro’s twin. The Astro’s twin was the GMC Safari. And the Astro is far superior to the Aerostar.

11/21/19 11:48PM

My whole life I’ve wanted car companies to make their concept cars but they never do and I always wondered why. Well the comments show why, because people are full of crap. People say they want a futuristic car or something out of bladerunner. They say they want something unique but at the end of the day they buy a Read more

10/28/19 6:33PM

Oh Jason, get over it. The Flex is clearly superior to just about anything else Ford puts out, but that’s not how things work. Yes, Ford should have done something epic with the concept (think of a new Flex on a skateboard EV chassis, putting an American surf wagon spin on VW’s supposedly-just-around-the-corner EV Read more

10/22/19 1:51PM

I should preface this post by saying that I am a 73 year old that obviously grew up in a different time. From the time I was twelve on, I was taught and believed that a man’s word was his bond and very few people were willing to tarnish their reputation. Sad to say, it doesn’t exist anymore, if it ever did. Read more

10/03/19 8:55AM

My first thought when I hear Dodge Dart, though I’m biased because that’s mine. I’m not old enough to have been around when they were, but I’ve always liked them and thought they were underappreciated in the Mopar market.  The B and E bodies tend to get most of the limelight.

9/07/19 3:52PM

I’m like “if your car has ~400k miles and you’re telling me you haven’t turned wrenches on it, you’re full of shit.”

8/09/19 4:10PM

“but dads have become a culturally acceptable target for gentle mockery and loving parody” Read more

7/28/19 12:01PM

But he knows a place on the edge of the red light district where we can lay low. But his hands are all messed up, so you better drive, brother.

7/10/19 8:20PM

You are not an EMPLOYEE! You are an independent CONTRACTOR! Does UBER/LYFT tell you the hours you need to work? NO! Read more

7/10/19 7:03PM

Right? Do the drivers not understand 90% of them will be fired because they have more drivers than they need? For the ones that are left, they’ll limit their hours so they’re not full time and don’t qualify for benefits.

12/20/18 7:19PM

Years ago, a guy sent me an Xbox live friend request because he liked that I had covered all my Forza Horizon rally cars in their period correct liveries.

Sensing someone with a genuine appreciation for automotive culture, i accepted and played with him from time to time over the years, we’d chat about cars, sharing Read more

10/31/17 10:59PM

That stuff doesn’t belong in a car, use this instead:

11/09/16 7:06PM

What are those better sites? I’ve been looking for alternatives ever since the Gawker political bullshit infiltrated every facet of its other sites.

11/09/16 5:35PM

This is Jalopnik. In the last few years they’ve decided what this place sorely needed was politics! And we’ve seen their best writers all run for the hills. I still read and comment from time to time, but there are far better sites out there. It’s a shame, really. It used to be my single favorite place on the Read more