Jul 28

I just signed for mine an hour ago, though I went for an XLT instead. And I’m moving from a 2011 Ranger Sport 4x4 to the 2020 XLT Sport 4x4. I took the new one for a spin to check it out before going in to start the paperwork, and having literally jumped out of the old Ranger and into a new one, here’s what I noticed: Read more

Jul 27

I could see some joker sending out some super kudzu seeds and some idiot planting it in their yard. Kudzu can’t be stopped and I’m sure their are some southern China variants that are even worse.

Mar 20

Fish fry around here is usually beer battered cod, coleslaw, some sort of potato, be it baked fried or potato pancakes if you are lucky and two small pieces of buttered marble rye.

Feb 23

The real reason for flying boats was the fixed pitch prop. Prior to adjustable pitch props you had either a climb or cruise prop, if you wanted to be able to cruise at altitude at a decent speed and at a low cruise RPM you needed a flat pitch prop. This was the equivalent of fifth gear in a car and just like top gear Read more

Feb 20

I really like that BMW one. It’d be cool if modern cars could implement an angled front end like that again. Probably goes against all kinds of pedestrian safety guidelines and aerodynamics though.

Feb 19

Does the headline falsely imply Carey might be involved or am I being paranoid?

Feb 12

I’m wondering what the average life of an electric car will be and how that will compare to gas cars.  Today I would be very nervous to rely on an electric vehicle from 10 years ago. 

Jan 15

As long as someone isn’t trying to pull into the spot on the other side it is totally fine.