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A brief note about the continued discussion about Kotaku's approach to reporting. We've long been wary of the potential undue influence of corporate gaming on games reporting, and we've taken many actions to guard against it. The last week has been, if nothing else, a good warning to all of us about the pitfalls of Read more

There is a reason I keep coming to this site. Even if you don't always hit the mark you are aimg for (lets face it; it happens) you own up to it and work on it head on. Read more

Or, for a franchise that actually makes money, Pokemon Snap. Read more

A Real Time Strategy game, similar to Starcraft and Command and Conquer, utilizing the strength of the Wii U touch screen controller. Emphasis on strategy puzzle solving, rather than Macro mechanics. Read more

New 2D or 3D Metroid. Fav this up peeps!! Read more

"consumer entitlement"? You've gotta stop drinking the corporate Kool-Aid. When a game is announced for U.S. release in early 2013, and a year later, while fans have been waiting patiently, the company behind it won't say a word, then yes, consumers are entitled to an explanation. Read more

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Here it is. He sent this, and another one, which was signed by everyone on the 22Cans team.

I've seen good cosplays and bad cosplays, this one falls in the latter category. Read more

Nice, posts are already being deleted huh? Fucking cowards.

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One of my favorite parts was when Bird Jesus was glowing at the end and was almost about to die and then he almost killed Dragonite in one hit but Lance used a Hyper Potion and healed Dragonite back to full health and killed Bird Jesus..... but then All Terrain Venomoth rose up to the challenge and killed Dragonite

Hey. After reading over most of this thread, I just wanna say I appreciate the fact that you exist. It's through people like you that my faith in humanity is maintained. Read more

Remember when "Final Fantasy" meant "this is going to be a great experience"? Read more

This was a hard one to write. I got a little bit sniffly putting the review box together. Read more

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Wow, she grew up right!

it's almost as though Nintendo just held a big and very important presentation on the future of the company.... Read more

I don't think it helps to assume that people who might be against this story are "probably white males." Read more