You buy one drill bit, then use that to drill out the lock and take all the Twix Read more

So they didn't really almost offend all of Thailand, because the article is clearly about how they brought in language experts to stop this from happening from the get go. Read more

Being in IT, you do have to lug equipment around, but 99% of it you do not want exposed to the elements. Read more


It's called the uppleva ormo. Read more

I'd like one of each please. The wife can have the green 2 and the 5 can be for times we'd need storage. Read more

What is your answer for an entry level sports car? Boxster? Read more

I'll take 10 4-D Maglights. Thanks. Read more

So are you saying that people do not get emotionally attached to objects they spend a lot of time with in games? Read more

S2000. A realistic, reliable track car, that's entirely street legal.

Mk1 GTi - The start of the hot hatches?

Toyota MR2. Mid engine fun in a compact size. Read more


Mmm. Classy.

Yeah, my neighbour had an Asuna. It took me a long time to figure out what it was. Read more

Isuzu Impulse

If you don't need the space, Fiat 500.

Mazda 2 or Fiesta.

Moby Dick