I disagree. I think this bride _should_ confront her friend about the lack of gift, so that the bridesmaid has the opportunity to shit in a box and mail it to her, but that's just me. Read more

Whether it was a lack of potions, or using the wrong AI behaviors, whatever, the final battle of Dragon Age 1 destroyed my entire party- except for my dog.
That dog took down 2 dozen darkspawn and fired dozens of ballista arrows at that dragon. I truly, truly wish the game engine could have actually shown the dog Read more

Setting yourself up to get into a standard career and get an employer to give you a salary isn’t the only way to make money and it definitely isn’t a guarantee you’ll be making a lot of it. Capitalizing on trends, taking risks and doing something not a lot of people do sometimes pays off better than the alternative.
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Destiny isn’t something we’re willing to talk about right now.
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I’m the overseer to Vault 124. In this vault if any couple gives birth to a child, that couple is banished to the wastelands.
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Because you requested, and because I literally couldn’t think of anything else ....

Balls In Video Games, Ranked Read more

I’m probably just old, cranky, and jaded, plus have kids, but all these fatalities are just disturbing. Not funny, not zany, not comical- disturbing. Read more

This is hilarious. Reading the novel-esque writing about people playing the Sims, is way more fun than actually playing the Sims.
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It was a little misleading. An opening statement of Read more

I thought it was going to be a secret that turned this game from complete tedium into a fun RPG like Origins was :( Read more

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Maybe it was a track for the secret UFO ending for the original Resident Evil!

I gotta be honest, I'm kind of embarrassed that you call it a "blowie." Read more

I am so sorry to do this to you, dude, but you turned out to be kind of a fucker. Read more

I don't normally advocate this but... Read more

His name was Javier and I met him when I worked at the bookstore in college. He was super hot, but that's because all he cared about in the world was his body. Good for him! Good for him. But between working out and moisturizing and hair care and trimming and and and, there was...not much left. But super hot and Read more

This ballerina dude who was in charge of "gospel dance" at his new age-y church. When we were done, he rolled off, and put a handmade hemp bracelet on me with five different colored beads. Read more

You all have no idea how happy I am to have won a pissing contest!! This made my week considering I'm overdue on birthing this kid! I'm gonna eat a sundae to celebrate my pissing victory ! Read more