Dec 7 2015

The TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde) side of Heuer back in the 80s produced turbocharged units during the old F1 turbo era. TAG didn’t buy Heuer until around ‘85, so before that TAG was buidling Porsche turbo engines in F1. Read more

Oct 12 2015

In many ways this is a lot more chilling than any number of clickbait articles or sensationalist CNN headlines. This is the military industrial complex following the money. This is defense contractors feeling quite confident in where their wares are going to be headed. It’s a sure sign of where all these company’s Read more

Jun 6 2014

That had everything a good ole redneck fight should have. A guy getting angry over seemingly nothing, a skinny dude with no shirt on coming out of nowhere to throw horrible punches, an overweight bald guy in a sleeveless shirt with no muscle tone coming in to "handle things" , a guy swinging an object(in this case a Read more