1/11/17 2:31PM

You’re a copy-pasting, pants-shitting whiny lunatic. Nobody gives a shit what you think because it’s WRONG, asshat. Go fuck a freshly-cooked Tombstone a couple more times.

1/11/17 1:21PM

I know exactly how I feel. Even if 100% of the contents contained in the dossier are fake, the reporting of the fact that it’s been circulating as high as the FBI, sitting Senators and even the fucking POTUS is itself news enough to report on the dossier’s existence - to say nothing of the veracity of its content.
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12/13/16 3:35PM

Subway did it so much better back in the halcyon days of the franchise. They’d neatly cut a bread trench out of the roll, stuff the trench with all the fixins, then replace the hunk of bread they cut out to form the trench on top before wrapping it up and handing it over. All the bread, all the meats, diabetes for Read more

11/18/16 1:53PM

That’s cool. I won’t be speaking to mine for the next 4 years.

11/04/16 2:08PM

The only place that officer is fit to protect is the basement of the Alamo.

10/18/16 10:40PM

You must not be a 30 something lawyer with kids, like half of the Deadspin readership

10/18/16 5:32PM

I manage a casino in Las Vegas, NV and I’ve trained my poker dealers to identify Trump supporters and make them bust on every hand.

10/18/16 3:15PM

I just realized that the majority of people reading this have no clue who Thornton Melon is, without Googling. Read more

10/06/16 3:48PM

Geez Magary. Way to play right into the hands of BIG TISSUE

10/06/16 3:14PM

Bills fan here. I’m in constant pain, usually from folding table related injuries.

10/06/16 2:48PM

So I have always wanted to ask, is pulling off those lower chin straps from the side of the helmet in frustration the most satisfying thing? Because it sure looks like it. When I see that I’m like aw yeah, that guy KNOWS he fucked up.

10/05/16 9:35PM

I keep oscillating back and forth between “It’s gotta be Jerry” and “No it can’t be Jerry that’s way too obvious”

9/29/16 5:06PM

That’s because both are condescending no matter where you live or who you’re talking to tiger

9/26/16 9:26PM

I cried more than enough this week and I’m still crying. Seeing Keith’s face, that’s me since my mom died on Wednesday. And, I’m getting evicted, I don’t care even. I’m done crying.