Jul 12 2013

i know right? for the first minute and a half i had no clue what was going on. i was looking at the gas station car thinking someone was going to come out and change the battery in it and thought the other car was just a display because i cant even see what they are doing. horrible video. why wouldnt they zoom in on Read more

Jul 10 2013

The years are starting to show.

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Jul 2 2013

There are big hurdles to get over, no doubt. If it was cheap and easy we'd all be doing it already. The question is are those hurdles worth getting over? Look at the amount of progress that has been made so far. The first hydrogen fuel cell cars cost millions to build and the fuel system took up the entire storage Read more

Jul 1 2013

Would have ran him down, when he was on the other side of the car before he hit my vehicle again. Best part is that the dumbass locked himself out.

Jun 27 2013

Graphics sometimes work on trucks. This is one of those times. Love how it integrates with the window "dip".