Anekanta - spoon denier
Nov 20 2016

Thanks! The full movie is online if you’re in the mood for Girardesque space western action. Unlike some of the other Filmation cartoons, it really holds up, I think partly due to the art direction.

Nov 19 2016

The woman with the bowler hat and gavel is Judge J.B. McBride from Bravestarr! I love that cartoon.

Sep 23 2016

I’m not concerned about the human health impacts of eating GMO’s but I am concerned that they’re going after a monopoly of terminator seeds so they control the global food system. That isn’t good for anyone but them. This company has a demonstrably hostile history with farmers, and I don’t trust that they’d make the Read more

Sep 9 2016

In somewhat related news, it was only upon a re-watch of TNG in my mid-twenties that I learned that my abiding childhood crush on Natasha Yar was actually a sign I desperately needed therapy. Read more

Aug 11 2016

How long does everyone want to actually live? I mean I don’t want to work past tomorrow, let alone the next 35 years I’m slated for. My plan is to retire at 65, have a modest retirement and die. I don’t need to be 200 years old.

Aug 5 2016

I’m sorry. We’ll have to flag your comment for breaking the prime directive.

Jul 26 2016

I never understood how one could present a fart like behavioralism as THE big insight. But then I understood what autism spectrum disorder is, and suddenly it was evident: this is a psychology made by severely autistic people for severely autistic people. Just take a look at the ABA method.

Jun 27 2016

I feel 0K about it too! Haha! ...wait ...guys? Where’s everyone going?