There is also a downside to contacts and cooking. If you cut up jalapenos or other hot peppers you should be sure to wash your hands really, really well before removing your lenses. Ask me how I know... Read more

Specifically, the county agrees to give Amazon “not less than two business days written notice” in the event of Freedom of Information requests about the campus or its various agreements, allowing the company “to take such steps as it deems appropriate with regard to the requested disclosure of records.” Read more

Because they understand the economic benefits. Read more

There’s very little grassroots resistance in Arlington, and even less from those that live here, and even less that own property. Read more

I work in DC and, for the last two years or so, I can confirm that MAGA hats in this city are almost exclusively worn by middle and high school boys on field trips. They seem to be the only ones stupid and bold enough to not realize that it’s basically a sign that says, “I’m a racist asshole. “ Read more

Musk is the only person who had the hubris to think that he could contribute something that not a single one of the hundreds of more qualified search-and-rescue specialists, divers, or Navy SEALS asked for, needed, or wanted. And the media keeps eating out of his asshole, and Musk knows it. He’s not trying to help, Read more

And your stance on wedding cakes for gay couples? Read more

Uh, yeah, a business can ask someone to leave the premises for basically any reason they want so long as it isn’t discriminating against a protected group. I would do the same thing as the restaurant, if I owned it. Read more

No, because it’s those tiny percentages that really matter in terms of risk. It’s not about making the data pretty, it’s about how close we are to the herd immunity thresholds for various vaccines, which are in the 90's. Read more

I use my Instant Pot to do it. Couldn’t be any easier. The shell just falls off. I can do 2 dozen at a time. 5 minutes on high pressure, let it natural release and then put in cold water.
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Instant Pot is the only correct answer. Read more

Shit happens. We didn’t cause a stink when it happened in 2014. Also it’s more than likely most of the BS is from the pro-Title II side because they are the only ones that care about the comments. It’s a BS narrative! Read more

You folks all seem to be over-thinking it. Entertainment, like most industries in the West these days, is about CHEAP, and PROFITABLE. “Quality” doesn’t come into that. Read more

I’ve lost a kid, too. I hear you, and I know. <3 Read more

Similar story: when my ex and I lost our daughter, one of her students (she was teaching middle school) said “I heard your daughter died. That sucks.” It was so honest and true and better than the bullshit “Everything happens for a reason” and “God must have needed an angel” crap we got from so many others (note: if Read more

I’ve taken to separating out meat into sous vide-ready bags and then tossing them in the freezer immediately after coming back from the store, then putting them directly from the freezer to the sous vide pot. So far I’ve done it with several cuts of steak, pork chops, even breakfast sausages. It works perfectly well, Read more

We tend to take 3-4 week vacations (just the two of us) in our minivan, so we have plenty of room. We did use laundry baskets a couple of times, but found that plastic storage bins of roughly the same size are a better option because they have lids. Now that means anything in there won’t air out as well, but the trade Read more

Grillin’ & Chillin’ was the Bobby Flay & overalls guy show. Bobby Flay sucks Read more