7/05/17 5:59AM

HOW DARE YOU!!!! A staple of my childhood that is!!!

4/08/17 4:12AM

I’m in the middle of my 2nd playthough. And I have to say, for me, the overall experience is very rewarding. Read more

4/06/17 4:39PM

As awesome as that would be (MASSIVE LoT fan here. Been proper impressed with the 2nd season) I just want Cap’n Jack back.

3/26/17 11:48AM

I’m hoping we see more Kallus now. His transformation from villain to rebel spy has been fascinating and gripping. I’d love to see him lead a strike team on a mission. Read more

3/20/17 8:22PM

So I was unemployed in 2012. I went into town to sign on and then popped into Game (aptly named shop in the UK. You’ll never guess what they sell) and randomly bought this space game for £5 for PC. I remember waiting for it to install while the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics was on in the background. Read more

3/16/17 8:07AM

If you told me this time last year that this show would become my favourite DC show I’d ask what you been smoking.