Feb 24 2020

Actually, it could be fairly argued that his death was far more tragic - in a classic sense - than most of the things people call “tragedies” today. Read more

Feb 7 2020

I hear you but it depends. Sometimes it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Like yeah it’s brakes and exhaust an inspection now, but there could be a lot of other things that are close to replacement and when you add that all up it’s not the worst idea to consider what the total costs in the near term might be and if Read more

Jan 8 2020

So yes, that one specific crossover compared poorly to your wagon, but many of your complaints here are model-specific. If you wanted a CUV badly enough you could find one that would address literally all of these issues.

Oct 10 2019

Everybody but Tom, you’re fired. With 100% real fire. (Except for Fancy Kristen. She gets 100% organic free range fire.)

Oct 8 2019

Plenty of us are “anti-car” in the fact that we don’t think that cars belong in congested cities and whatnot. I own a car so that I can enjoy driving when I go out in the countryside, not so I can sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for 3 hours, twice a day, 5 days a week.  

Sep 13 2019

Free’ was actually FREE. No need for quotes. Yes, these people were on the hook for taxes, but every single person was still better off for it. This article is written in a tone that makes it seem that some people were put in a worse situation due to this promotion. Yeah, some people couldn’t afford the taxes, but Read more

Aug 28 2019

Lauding her drive and willingness to do amazing things is great, and I’m sure as hell sad about this, but calling people gutless and sheep because they choose not to take unnecessary risks for an adrenaline thrill is some really pathetic projecting.
Read more

Aug 15 2019

That’s some pretty damning stuff.  It’s almost as if powerful people were friends with Jeffrey Epstein and his contacts kept him above the law.  Almost as if our entire justice system were fundamentally broken due to corruption; but if that were true then we’d see a lot of poor, largely powerless individuals being Read more

Aug 14 2019

Richardson went from female to male in the span of a few minutes, by your account. Most impressive! 

Aug 6 2019

Hyperbole is without a doubt the single greatest invention in communication!

Aug 5 2019

I’m confused about how “endless” could be an understatement.  :)

Jul 23 2019

Alternate Headline: “Drivers With Incredibly Poor Skills Unable to Hit Dumbass on Scooter”. 

Jul 18 2019

That helmet isn’t going to do much if the chin strap isn’t secured. Well, outside of choking you when the helmet comes loose when you crash.