I have taken Plan B a couple of times, and I have never been told that. Even if they took me in the Little Room of Shame and asked me about my weight and all. I'm right on the line, but still? Read more

I don't mean to brag, but I was a contestant on the French Canadian version of the show. I was 14, and to this day, I still believe the combination of early blossoming and a perv teacher got me there. Read more

I just love those videos, except for the fact that the intro looks like a video I would have watched in high school 15 years ago.

I'd just love it if that North West baby grew up to be a quiet, shy, artsy girl who'd avoid the spotlight as much as she could. Highly improbable, but one can dream.

Having worked on food advertising for years, I can tell you that the Marketers are actually the ones creating those myths. For example, they'll show you a thin, happy woman "enjoying" her fat-free, sucralose packed yogurt to get you to think that yogurt is actually going to help getting skinny. Basically, the whole Read more

What do you think this bride expected? That her soon-to-be ex-friend will send her another 100$ to cover for the expenses SHE decided to make by getting married? Since when discussing gifts is appropriate? Read more

It's great that you chose a flattering photo of her rather than those scary twitter pics where she looks deranged.

I kind of agree. It's as though he's just touching her neck.

I fucking love Rebel Wilson. First, she dresses as she pleases, even if it's in a pink tracksuit or that horrible shirt, and girl always looks fly. Second, she's not afraid of being goofy, looking less than perfect, all for comedy. And she totally owns up to it. Read more

So I could technically stop my run and snack on my shoes? That's great. Plus, think of the iron content!

I've always found people who looked great for their age* were people who enjoyed themselves, had a right balance of healthy lifestyle/indulgence and mostly felt at home in their body. Now, that list seems a bit crazy to me, and I don't know that lady; I therefore this seems like extravagant behavior. Read more

Oh, hell yes. Plus he could look like anyone I'd fancy that day. Read more

So Khal Drogo really terrified me when we first saw him. He looked like he would totally beat up Daenerys and then leave her in a ditch somewhere. I was so very wrong. Read more

If I ever bring to myself to get a dog, it would be a corgi. They're very cute, but also very dignified.