Sep 11

Y’know...if we collectively agree to stop giving these miserable fuckwits the attention they so goddamned desperately, pitifully claw at, they’ll eventually just go away and be forgotten like they should be.

Sep 8

Sorry, but she is actively promoting and supporting the expansion of authoritarianism in Hong Kong. She chose to make those public statements, she wasn’t asked to. Read more

Aug 5

I’ll put this as a reply to you because Nightshift Nurse decided to dismiss it as a reply to his own comment. The below quote is from him. Read more

Aug 3

Anyway, if what Us Weekly’s source says comes to pass and DeGeneres dips out of her titular show, there’s a possibility that Late Late Show host James Corden will step in to take her place, at least according to Page Six.

Aug 2

Apparently, he’s so much of an asshole that he can’t do an AMA without people bombarding him with questions about it. Read more

Aug 2

so... they’re thinking about replacing a terrible person with another known terrible person, james corden?

Jun 25

Lol, what? There is no retcon there, it happened in the original game, and it happened in the remaster. And the surgeon is only random to Joel, who is intent on murdering anyone that gets in his way. And that NPC wasn’t black, either. Read more

Jun 25

I ended up empathizing with Abby much more than Ellie honestly. 

Jun 24

It must suck to not experience empathy. Maybe talk to a psychiatrist.

Jun 8

Bullshit. When you make a mistake, you will be begging for forgiveness yourself. We are all HUMAN. We make mistakes, it is what it is to be human. yeah he said sleezy things. I bet you have too. DONT LIE TO YOURSELF.  You will get what you give in this life. Forgive others and help them be the best they can, therefore Read more

May 14

Or just you know- Stop the prequel madness. There is no tension- We know shes going to make it. Everyone is getting older lets move forward, whats going on in the mad max realm?!? 

May 14

Yeah but...why, tho?

Furiosa is an amazing character, but 90% of why she worked and connected with audiences was because Charlize fucking kicks all the asses. She’s irreplaceable, so maybe don’t replace her.

Apr 21

“In development”, so they’ll workshop a rough script that gets passed around to multiple people while Sony sits on the property as it deals with its currently existing franchises, losing momentum long before they ever get around to hiring actual actors whose name gets attached to the project (discussed noncommittally Read more

Apr 20

I think the idea is if the players are having fun, so will you but the reverse isn’t always true. I’ve run all types of games, D&D and otherwise, and then you try to fit a story based peg into a combat shaped hole... it doesn’t work for anybody. Even though I prefer the storytelling over combat, when I’ve run combat Read more

Apr 10

I thought that little mama’s boy Sephiroth settled any debate between Tifa and Aerith YEARS ago...

Apr 4

I get what you’re saying, that there’s no “beating Animal Crossing” and that it’s all about finding the zen of just doing, but there’s also something to be said about being SO frustrated by being constantly blocked from doing those things that bring the zen that you just no longer want to play.

Feb 28 2020

I’m getting a David Bowie vibe from Milla Jovovich :)