Adam Stacey
Mar 7 2013

Well, I think I'm finished with EA. The game politics aside, it's all about the quality of their games, and nothing they've done lately or that has been revealed as coming in the next few years is hooking me at all. I just look at everything they're offering and think of other games I'd rather be playing. Read more

Feb 28 2013

I'm really getting sick of compared with the store. No digital PC games, no consistent sales (a game on sale on is usually not on sale at, and now pre-orders seem to come a week later. I pre-ordered Etrian Odyssey IV months ago, but it's not even going to be shipping until Read more

Feb 13 2013

Wow, so it's still incredibly difficult to find a physical copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening in my neck of the woods (southern Ontario, Canada). FutureShop/Bestbuy, Walmart, and EBGames/GameStop all have it marked as unavailable to order online and none seem to have stock within a good 30 km radius. I can order off of Read more

Jan 18 2013

So, I'm on the final two missions of Hitman: Absolution. I must say, I'm quite impressed in many ways. The plot may not be great, but it is quite amusing. But the level design is excellent. I like how there are 3/4 different main ways to complete each level, and although you're not forced to take the pure Read more

Nov 16 2012

This is going to be a good couple of days for my backlog. I'm working from home for the second half of today, so I can game a little on my 'breaks', my GF is out at a party all night tonight, and is out most of tomorrow bridesmaid dress shopping with her sisters and mother. Read more