4:46 PM

I think this dude might be taking Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound approach a bit too seriously.

11:46 AM

The DS line has cars that span from subcompact to large sedans, and I actually think they could be a good fit in the US, where they could stand apart from premium sedan offerings from the usual Teutonic suspects, and hopefully maintain just enough of that Gallic weirdness to remain appealing. They'd potentially get Read more

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5:53 PM

The only thing not replaced on my Freelander before I traded it in was the transmission. New engine, suspension, A/C, cooling system, EVERYTHING. It was ridiculous. So glad to get rid of that thing.

4:55 PM

I still remember vividly, Land Rover taking back my leased 2002 Freelander. It somehow made it to 21k and then the rear main seal went. That was the last straw since I drove a service loaner more that winter then my own car. I signaled to my Service Adviser to print out my service history because I was going to file Read more

1:22 PM

Ozone Generator. You can rent one (or buy one for under $200), seal everything—furniture / items and the generator—up in a room, and let it run all weekend. It will oxidize and destroy the smoke particles, and once the generator is turned off, the ozone degrades back to oxygen within a short time. It's bad to breathe Read more

4:16 PM

Just want to chime in with words of support Patrick and concur that jail is the worst, mainly on account of expectations being so mismatched with reality. On day #3 when they didn't have your name on the release schedule and all you felt was despair... I know the feeling. Read more

3:57 PM

Red: [narrating] Patrick George came to Shawshank in 2014 on a three-day stretch for reckless driving. That's 5 mph over to you folks in Virginia. Cops caught him with his foot down on the long pedal out in the boonies. Young punk. Mr. Rock and Roll. Cocky as hell.

4:45 AM

Your understanding is wrong. there were arrests, and gunfights leading to those arrests while searching for the kids in the West Bank, not Gaza. The hardliner murder was a bunch of horror but as you may have noticed, the Israelis caught the son of a bitches and will lock them up for life. The Hamas killers of 2 Read more

11:09 PM

the "the illegal settlers being abducted" are you fucking kidding me. those were 3 CHILDREN you fucking waste of space. they were kids that were MURDERED. seriously kill yourself because people like you don't add anything to society. you fucking joke of a human being

5:33 PM

Oh, for sure there's something fucked up and immoral, but it's not the IDF. It's folks like you that don't have a problem with Hamas shooting hundreds of missiles at civilian targets in Israel that are fucked up and immoral. Why do you think it's fine for Hamas to try and kill Jews with their missiles?

8:16 PM

I am really proud of my fellow Jalopniks. It takes guts to stand up against the mainstream hate and stand for Israel, for religious tolerance, and for basic liberty. All it takes is a comprehensive map of the middle east and a quick historical overview but somehow that is always beyond everyones' grasp. I am not a Read more

5:06 PM

Actually, the preemptive "anytime someone criticizes Israel they get called an anti-semite" functions as the same kind of heckler's veto that charging someone with a Godwin violation does. The people who use that gambit typically go on to apply a double standard to the Jewish state that they won't apply to any other Read more