Mar 30 2016

Casey Chan; If you bothered to even read the description of the youtube video you linked, it clearly says it’s an untreated beam and that you should NOT use railroad ties. You’re going to get someone hurt one of these days dude.

Mar 30 2016

A railroad tie is typically not something you want to reclaim for residential use, especially for furniture. They are treated with creosote and you don’t want that shit touching your skin for any extended period of time. They ARE NOT ‘perfect’ for use as furniture. Read more

Sep 4 2015

I like how casually this author explains how he almost threw a temper tantrum, and gave up on buying a toy he wanted because he could not buy all the toys he wanted.

Aug 15 2015

Jurassic World other than the dino battle at the end was a pretty standard Hollywood blockbuster film. A predictable yawn fest of a sequel that was overblown by media hype. So I’m not too excited.

Aug 13 2015

Something tells me Aran is going to do just fine without this internship. Actually, Facebook probably would have just held him back from his true potential.

Jul 1 2015

I’ve always just done this. Though I don’t bother to tighten it down like this guy did.

Jun 15 2015

I’m glad they didn’t try to do a Banjo game or something because it would just pale in comparison to Yooka-Laylee. Read more

Apr 14 2015

Psh, ever since I started meditating I don’t even need to change channels. The channels change me.

Mar 27 2015

They only used 2 of my patents but they did prove that I was right 35 years ago when I determined that substantial fuel savings could be gained by using "better" engineering. I sure am glad that they used mine.

Feb 26 2015

You're forcing people to conform to your system as well, you're a bigot. Your way of life isn't the only way, quit forcing something that wasn't broken to change.

Feb 26 2015

Another reason I am glad I shuttered my account and walked away. This whole gender thing is the dumbest, most asinine thing to come from the internet in 10 years. It also makes for a generation of sexually confused (more so than in the past) kids whole will grow up calling themselves he/she and its. Male, Female, Read more

Feb 17 2015

Nothing says the rules can't be updated. Nothing wrong with going forward with a bit of caution as they can potentially be flying guillotines.

Feb 4 2015

Yeah, the number of scumbags that pull the "work for free for exposure, it's good for your career" are insane. DONT work for free, not because it devalues it, but because 99% of the people out there don't want to pay you what you are worth. Read more

Feb 2 2015

Personally, I run Plex on a machine in my home to act as a media server, and have a Chromecast on each set I want to stream to (controlled by my phone, tablet, or laptop). Cheap and easy, and can stream outside the home if wanted.