Mar 16 2019

I do and they fucked up.

Feb 1 2019

When I heard this was gonna be a movie, I wondered if she was gonna steal a bunch of stuff to get her ex back. No, she’s gonna steal a bunch of stuff to get back at her ex. Read more

Dec 7 2018

I would have gladly traded The Defenders for a mini series that was just a team up of Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter. They were great together.

Dec 4 2018

I’m not sure who this “we” is, since I’m pretty sure you’re not on staff, but you are always welcome not to click on any article with her name in the title. Read more

Nov 29 2018

There’s too many comments about this to reply to each individually, so... Read more

Nov 5 2018

I just wanna know where you found a GIF of Russell Westbrook dressed like a normal human being.

Oct 24 2018

Probably in the minority, DD season 3 was brilliant, Fisk is the best MCU villain bar none, film or TV :).

Oct 10 2018

It’s not about right or wrong or kudo points. It’s about recognizing that a majority of her fan base who would listen to her are white and female and that is an problematic voting base. For decades, white women voters have back republicans and aligned themselves with white supremacy and the patriarchy. Like Damon Read more

Sep 25 2018

The man doesn’t know his angles or his wrangles.

Aug 1 2018

Love RiRi (and Beyonce), but facts are facts. 

Jun 21 2018

Man fuck ALL Y’ALL shadow MRAs.  Like, really.

Jun 21 2018

I dunno I stopped watching Greys around the time Meredith stepped off that pier and Coach Taylor got blow’d up real good. 

Jun 21 2018

Your first reaction when you look at that number is “Damn, that’s a lot of money.’ And then you see how much he makes, and it’s basically an annual church tithe, accept that it’s for his kids so it really doesn’t seem like a lot and it’s money well spent.

Jun 19 2018

Hell, he went so far as to SABOTAGE her fundraiser by claiming that she had exaggerated her injuries. I hope like hell she sues his estate and gets all she can.

Jun 19 2018

“I’m shocked that I won this award for Best Villain. I thought Roseanne had this in the bag,” said Jordan as the crowd “ooooh”-ed in response. (Why are you “oooooh”-ing? You know Killmonger’s right.) Read more

May 24 2018

15 years as a cop. It took me 15 years to figure out what Michael says is true. You cannot be a good and honest person and still be a cop because you will be hounded out of the job. You will be left without back up because you cannot be “trusted”. You will be branded a “rat” for trying to do the right thing. I left Read more

May 13 2018

She loves calling black women roaches ands done so several times, but we’re supposed to rock with her? She’ll only kinda-sorta accept any African blood when she actually chooses to, but we’re supposed to rock with her? Read more

May 12 2018

I see you trying to throw in “Sympathy for his families loss . . .”; trying to pretend you’re not a malignant a$$hole. You missed the mark. If “Darwinism” was waiting around the corner to take out every 15 year old who did something stupid, none of us would making it to 16. That includes you, you bubbling sh*tbag.

May 11 2018

Never forget that one of Barry’s powers is to be an idiot.