Nov 13 2014

I am in the same boat. Got a $15 trimmer and I give the face a buzz every other week. Is my shitty beard a fashion statement? No, I am lazy and my wife is cool with it.

Nov 9 2014

Ha! The Big Ten sucks! Clever route you chose to take Deadspin writer who will never be promoted to bigger and better things. As a Northerner, I take comfort in the fact that we care 1/52 as much about Amateur sports as the South does. The South does so because of a weird sense of identity they have with their state Read more

Nov 3 2014

He's got those stiff dog legs like you're trying to drag him into the bath

Nov 3 2014

Is this what the internet is now? Just one big fucking pun machine?

Nov 3 2014

Like when my dumb dog doesn't go to the stairs in the pool to get out but tries to climb up a side on the deep end, then he just sits there.. ass in the water, front legs on the concrete, wondering how the hell all this happened to begin with.. it was that damn yellow ball wasn't it.

Nov 1 2014

This begs the question: why doesn't Tom Coughlin let opponents know about Eli's condition?

Oct 29 2014

Talk about clickbait. I came here looking for a Jets article.

Sep 8 2014

The arrested Texas Tech fans will have the book thrown at them. The UTEP fans, however, will be charged as miners.

Aug 19 2014

Edmonton has already offered Taylor Hall and $6 million cash for that portrait.