May 6 2016

Given the period in which Xena first aired (mid-90s) I cannot say as I’m very surprised. LGBTQ+ representation on television was a minority, and often in niche roles lacking much depth. Read more

Aug 30 2015

You’re right. All the biggest problems with Dark Matter were there with all the Stargate shows, but especially SGU. Which doesn’t give me high hopes for season 2. They need some new writers on board.

Jul 7 2015

Always the way, isn’t it? You hang around in Deep Space for three million years and you don’t see one. Then, all of a sudden, five all turn up at once.

(Kudos to those that get the reference)

Jul 7 2015

There is a paradox in the universe: scientists believe that there are millions more giant black holes in the universe than we know about, and yet, if they are there, how would they remain hidden? It turns out they do so by hiding in something almost unbelievably common. Read more

Jun 28 2015

Totally. He gets no pass. If you can’t sing it, DON’T SING IT. It’s like excusing a terrible version of the Star Spangled Banner by saying it’s hard to sing. Like, you knew that before you tried, right? The appropriate punishment for that level of hubris is vicious mockery.

Jun 28 2015

Not ONE person told him the truth. They just gave him a mic and cued the music.
He has no friends.

Jun 28 2015

Oh dear god. Someone stop him. Freddie Mercury is rolling in his grave so fast he could power a city. I’ve heard cats in heat do better covers.

Apr 30 2015

And they’re still going to run interferometer tests to see if it creates a warp field, which if that checks out, this will be the holy grail. This will give us the stars. If confirmed, i reserve the right to go absolutely batshit insane with glee.

Even if the warp part doesn’t check out, it may not have given us the Read more

Mar 31 2015

Jesus, this movie is going to provide cosplay subject material for years.

Mar 11 2015

Kind of ridiculous to add Curtis LeMay and Gen Harris in there, really. PC nonsense, that.