A tortoise named Hubert
12:50 PM

My favorite theory is that a SAHM wrote this re: her CEO husband and she wanted to show him that everyone thinks the amount of work she does is FUCKING INSANE.

9:07 PM

Living on Mars is going to suck. The trip out west sucked too. And you had to sell much of your earthly possessions to put together the resources for a viable wagon and ox setup to get there. But people did it, because people like to go new places even if half of your family dies of Dysentery on the way there. And Read more

6:48 PM

I am Elon Musk, and I’m here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? Read more

5:42 PM

Dammit, you chucklefuck, your intentions were perfectly clear. You wanted to hurt and embarrass a total stranger because some stray gross impulse darted across your lizard brain and being a white male, you never even thought to resist or question it. You honestly expected her to find that funny or at least “laugh it Read more

11:44 AM

It’s probably been the end goal all along. That’s why they had to seal the tech, so they can produce their own.

2:51 PM

GUUUUUUH I’m so tired of answering this question. The sources are not hard to find if you look.

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2:35 PM

Healthy “skepticism” ya right. A person has literally transformed 2 major industries, and what press writes...skepticism. That’s a nice politically correct way of saying you hate him- or maybe are paid to hate him. 

12:25 PM

Guess I don’t get the amount of skepticism here. It’s not even remotely close to building a flying car, which few would actually buy, and even fewer could actually operate. The truck market is a HUGE segment, and I think speculation around whether or not Tesla is actually going to product a vehicle for this market is Read more

12:07 PM

The amount of hatred you guys have for Elon is fascinating to watch

11:48 PM

Tortise Hubert is right. Starlink will fund continued development of a launch vehicle capable of delivering 9m wide 100 ton fully assembled telescopes to orbit at over a magnitude reduction in cost per kg. Read more

9:56 AM

Well there is at least one positive thing to consider there: plummeting launch costs will make it easier to put telescopes in orbit and avoid these issues completely. Of course for now their size will remain much smaller than ground-based observatories. But launch costs are getting low enough that it seems feasible to Read more

7:02 PM

This is totally it. Use AI to optimize mirror movement instead of using super-high-end servos with high resolution telemetry and all that jazz. Even the weak-ass AI available now should be capable of using rapid trial-and-error to find the ideal angle on every single mirror throughout the entire day, constantly Read more

8:48 AM

The vaping “crisis” is getting so blown out of proportion. Out of all the things that kill people, is this really— Read more