A tortoise named Hubert
Sep 24

Most of them don’t care about truth or morals, they’re just getting off on watching people get hurt. Until THEY get hurt. Then they just blame Obama. Read more

Sep 23

Ima tell you right now as a stoner, that’s not weed bro.

Sep 16

and claimed that he requires the approval of the detention center before conducting any procedures Read more

Jul 20

And this is one of the reasons I will continue to fly Delta. 

Jul 20

Yeah, that soft buffer would have really done a number on him. Read more

May 22

He actually throws money at ideas and solutions. Do you?

May 22

We can admire Musk’s accomplishments and completely disagree with his bad habits and eccentricities at the same time. We can root for SpaceX and Tesla while strongly disapproving of some of the actions they take. Read more

May 14

Delicate cracker snowflakes don’t like to be challenged, history repeats and Georgia gun control laws start in 3... 2... 1 ...

May 8

So being afraid for your life does not allow you stop showing up to work ,but does allow you to murder strangers. Read more

May 2

Welcome to Jumanji

Apr 29

Freedom means being willing to die desperately gasping for air so the stock market can go up another half percent. 

Apr 23

The Sheriff’s department where I live got a lot of flack for not intervening in a protest last week despite the fact that the protesters were violating a stay-at-home order and that the department had previously been issuing a lot of citations to individuals and small groups who were entering closed spaces in Read more

Apr 3

Sooooo, unbridled, unrestrained, unregulated capitalism is good unless it makes Trump look bad?

Apr 3

He created a problem through his ineptitude, eventually came around to implementing a half-assed solution, and then acted like a petulant child about it. Read more

Apr 3

The Federal goverment’s job is to take care of things on a larger than state scale. A Global pandemic is federal level, war is federal level, local measals outbreaks are state level. Interstate infrastructure is federal, state highways are State level. I’ve got a few friends who simply don’t understand these things, Read more

Apr 2

When it comes to Republicans it generally has two possible origins. Stupidity or Evil.
Read more

Apr 2

“The government you elect is the government you deserve.” Read more

Mar 19

Same thing was said about tanks and planes as well.

May 8 2013

Ugh, I liked amber better when it was still underground.