Apr 8 2020

I clicked for boobs. I watched the clips for boobs. I did not read a fucking bit of it because words are not boobs. Is this the girl who started “Ok Boomer”? If so, this is not the path I would have taken afterwards, but whatever.

Mar 15 2020

I always have this stuff on hand ever since I was a teenager and noticed the overpriced pimple wipes were something like 99% alcohol as the active ingredient and saved some money. It damages very little, but takes off glue residue and all kinds of filth without nasty chemicals and a strong smell and I’ve used it for Read more

Feb 28 2020

I own a 981 Cayman S 6spd. I got it one a few years back for about $56k with 8k on the clock- screaming deal. Sport Chrono, pasm and I put an awe exhaust on it. It is the most wicked sounding, amazing handling, smile inducing car I’ve ever owned. Look at my dogs face. It says it all. I was a 911 guy for sure, but this

Jan 23 2020

So close, and yet! Incorrect. 16s, my friend, is where it’s at. Looks better and more importantly: Makes tire selection much, much easier.

Dec 9 2019

I learned this when a black friend refused to eat my burritos at the office potluck because he had never seen my kitchen and didn’t trust it.

Nov 12 2019

One of the worse things I see in this report is the ignoring of the construction workers. I’m a good enough engineer to know I don’t know everything. A guy with a high school education that has actually done stuff with his hands and not just on a computer knows a lot more about how things actually work than I do. Some Read more

Oct 25 2019

I have a 2018 megacab Laramie manual transmission. When I bought it there were 8 left in the country earlier this year. I always wanted one and when I heard they were to be no more I knew it was time to act. Found one in North Carolina 1100 miles away and drove up to get it one weekend. 

Oct 24 2019

Autoplay videos, pop-up ads, and sponsored posts loading in between actual content just as I am trying to click...all working perfectly. Read more

Oct 7 2019

Why is that, release the clutch slowly until the car starts moving, then apply gas when you feel ready to go faster. It’s mindbogglingly easy.