Aug 12

*Journalist* “Holy shit, this thing that we use every day utilizes archaic tech that has been out of vogue since the mid 2000s! The people have to know that the aircraft they are flying in were updated with floppy disks!

*Industry insiders* “Well, given the security concerns, the certification process, and the memory Read more

Aug 5


Its clear at this point that you need to open a museum dedicated to the oddities that Chrysler has created over the years. This will allow you to to purchase old beat up jeeps and K cars to your hearts content, have a place to store them, and maybe, just maybe, bring in the tiniest amount of income that you will Read more

Jul 24

As someone who had to live in a vehicle on the streets for almost two years, it is not a fate I would wish upon anyone. It is truly stressful being homeless, and I had the luxury of doing it in California, where cops don’t bother you other than to say you have to move your vehicle to show it isn’t abandoned.

If there Read more

Jul 5

Im curious how you fix an automatic transmission with a banana on a roadside. To get a pilot bearing out I could see it.

Jul 4

Nah mate, the transmission I fixed was an automatic.

Just tried the bread trick the other week on a clutch job I was doing. Probably would have worked if the clutch alignment tool didn’t start to deform.

Jul 3

I sent the details to Erica, its up to her to see if it gets posted here.

May 29

Man, if only Nissan had some Z car from their past with a twin turbo, 3.0L v6, that they could pull the name and styling cues from, to show the world that they are returning to their ways when they had one of, if not THE dominant sports cars designed in the Japanese bubble era. If only their was some way for them to Read more

Jan 21

Do you believe you can take control of a plane that you are flying on? How about a train? A bus or taxi?

You are driven about by all of these things every day, and given the frequency with which driver aids catch humans making mistakes as opposed to the other way around, I say bring it on.

That said, we all have the Read more

Jan 12

These are the kind of stories that need to be written on this site. I like the cut of your jib, sir!

Oct 29


I have a rig that was intended to run purely on solar as well, and I have not been seeing the generation that I have hoped out of my panels. You may want to consider putting the shore power back to run a small honda generator, or to set up an alternator charging circuit to the Buick. I would also encourage you Read more

Oct 29


Those crimped connections are preferable in all automotive applications above soldering and heat shrinking because they are more resistant to vibrations. 

Sep 25 2019

Because for years China has been investing heavily in EV startups in order to position themselves as the world leader in EV production. We are talking levels of money and incentives that only one of the biggest economies in the world can put up. China has all the raw components for lithium ion batteries within their Read more

Sep 24 2019

Then go buy a Mazda, they released recently that they would be removing touch screens from all models.

Simple fact of the mater is, this car wasn’t designed for traditional auto enthusiasts. We are the extremely vocal minority, and we yell and scream at anything that lessens the purity of the drive, and then when auto Read more

Aug 23 2019

I currently own a 2011 with 52k miles on it. I bought it with the extended warranty just in case, its the first car I have ever purchased at a dealership, and the first one I have ever had with a warranty. The suicide doors allow me to fit my entire ice hockey goalie equipment in the cab with me to make it to games Read more

Jul 18 2019


Natural beauty of the place aside, many live here for the culture (especially LGBTQ+) as it is the only place the feel accepted to be themselves. Many live here for the jobs, as CA has a massive economy that is rarely copied elsewhere in the entire US. Many live here because it is the only place we have called Read more