Jul 3 2019

This is especially egregious since MLB has added that rectangle target right there above the plate.

Jun 19 2019

When I’m talking in terms that the average white American would understand, I use the Nazi comparison - because they have to understand that it can be *that* bad even when the intent isn’t a “death camp”. People have to understand what the ultimate consequences are of allowing this to continue. Concentration Camps can Read more

Jun 19 2019

I’m not particularly a “scholar” of WW II, but I did minor in history with a concentration in the European theater of that war—and I lived in Germany for five years (had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz, as well).

Based on that education and those experiences, I can only say the following:

Americans tend to conflate Read more

Jun 1 2019

As a Registered Tow Operator in Washington state, I can tell you that this is a favorite of mine. Depending on how long the vehicle has been parked (and a few other details), the property owner signs a form (provided by me and available online) stating that they own or are legally responsible for the property. I tow Read more

Apr 22 2019

Lots of cheap punches to the back of the head, but I guess that’s what they do.

Mar 15 2019

Reminds me of the time that I bought the bottle of Johnny walker Blue Label and dropped it in the parking lot.

Mar 12 2019

Seriously. The thing that makes me most angry about this whole racket is that this kid publicized her own apathy about being at USC. It is a foul tornado of privilege and if I were a hard-working, underprivileged student out there I’d honestly lose all faith in the system (if I hadn’t already). Read more

Mar 12 2019

The really dumb question: Why does she even need a degree? What could it possibly do for her? Why would her parents pay 500k to get her into a good school when they could put that same money toward ... idk, launching a clothing line or acting classes or some other kind of self promotion more in line with this woman’s Read more

Mar 1 2019

This happens more than you'd think. More so among National League owners who refuse to employ designated hitters.

Aug 4 2018

Actually the Browns and the Alouettes already have a connection. The current iteration of Alouettes dates to 1996, the original franchise being defunct in 1987. Read more