Feb 6 2015

In America gas is so cheap and V8s are so plentiful we have counterculture hipster websites that fetishize tiny oddball European cars. Not that we'd know anything about that...

Feb 1 2015

This newest iteration of the Nissan Maxima is supposed to be a return to the car's "4 Door Sports Car" roots, as opposed to its "Big Sedan That People Always Put Obnoxious Rims On After Buying It Highly Depreciated" legacy. Read more

Oct 16 2014

It amazes me that 7-8 year car loans exist. If you can't afford the payments in a more reasonable term then buy something else. Your exactly right though, these idiots financing 60k for 8 years and realizing 1 year in just how fucked they are will start letting the cars to back.