84 GM Turbo

It does come with a manual. It’s right there in the glove box.
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“if you punish someone forever, they’ll never join your cause. And good causes need all the legitimate support they can get.” Read more

Wait are we really not going to use this opportunity to address that the abortion rate is far greater in the black community. Isn’t that what this movement is all about. Addressing systemic inequalities. Blacks are totally targeted for abortions and the numbers prove it. Read more

I’m comparing utility vs price, perhaps I should have been more clear. You need a motorcycle endorsement for something that does 63 mph and costs $9500. My point is that this is a non-starter compared to most any other motorcycle in this price range, new or used. Read more

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So, $9500 for a 63mph, 63 mile range scooter. I recently bought my son an ‘04 SV650 with panniers and a trunk for $1700. As much as I love all things electric, this is just unreasonable. Read more

My car does more horsework than your car. I am therefore better than you in all things. Read more

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My dad wasn’t particularly handy with cars either. But he did have a friend down the street named Steve. Steve raced sprint cars on Saturday nights. As young as 7 I would run over to Steve’s Saturday morning to help him prep the car. He would teach me about picking out torsion bars to bring, and how he might cut the

I like how you make everything sound so positive and great, casually skipping over all the responses which were basically this: Read more

I missed this earlier but I’ll leave a response because I believe that when you think something good about someone you should say it.
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My dad and I wrenched all the time, even when I was so tiny I could hardly walk, my job was to hold the hubcap when he took off the wheel lugs (yes, just like the movie). Read more

Or it is going anywhere, depending on how you look at it Read more

I have a buddy with a 72 K5 Blazer for unadvertised sale, but my mean ol significant other says if I want another old 4 wheel drive I have to get rid of the one I have, and my Land Cruiser isn’t going anywhere.  Read more

You did a great job fixing up that place after the previous EIC left. Read more

So much for being grounded to the ground Read more

I see brown skin, coming from a white guy this dude does not look white. He’s mixed lets stop trying to re word it. Read more

The people buying these are buying them because they look like classic Jeeps, otherwise why get this over any other side by side?
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You’re surprised that a site whose readers and authors are ostensibly majority Gen-Y don’t have a problem with intrusion on their lives by the gov’t? This is the same generation that broadcasts their lives online willfully, lean hard to the socialism and communism side of the political spectrum, expect laws to prevent Read more