Aug 19 2019

The air intake goes right through the insulation. If you look closely you can seep a pipe going through and apparently into the firewall. If I had to guess I would say it’s plumbed to something well above the waterline to protect it against inhaling spray. Read more

May 28 2019

I live in East Dayton and the tornado missed me by about two miles. My dad does not live in Dayton, but he found this when he arrived at his workplace in North Dayton this morning. This is mild damage compared to what some of the city has. 

Feb 14 2019

Thanks for scrolling to the bottom of the page! Next time please read the article while you do it. You might learn something.

Mar 24 2018

Then every single parent family in the world would have a child killer, you NRA toolbag, if we went with your moronic logic.

It’s always the same story with these posts: blame everything else but the real problem. Other countries don’t have this problem, genius. All you want to do is sell more guns and then you want Read more

Oct 12 2017

I’m sorry. My family’s business was badly damaged from hurricanes Francis and Jean about 10 years ago then the markets crash 3 years later didn’t help. I just thought the sentence sounded funny. I was obviously being inconsiderate and small minded. I hope that you and your family recover quickly and I’m glad that Read more

Oct 4 2017

I’ve owned two of these. I fucking love them. Most comfortable car I’ve ever driven, despite the diesel clatter at idle, it’s supremely quiet on the highway. The Audi virtual steering axis suspension makes for virtually zero torque steer, but a somewhat numb steering feel. It’s not the most efficient 4 cyl TDI, though. Read more

Sep 21 2017

His skill level is just a lot higher than you can imagine.

Sep 9 2017

“For five days, we were told it was going to be on the east coast, and then 24 hours before it hits, we’re now told it’s coming up the west coast,” 52-year-old entrepreneur Jeff Beerbohm told the AP. “As usual, the weatherman, I don’t know why they’re paid.” Read more

Jul 2 2017

clearly the time has come for you muricans to give up your guns... and settle your differences like real men(and women) from here on...

Jun 30 2017

Trump probably thinks it’s about “proving” that he lost the popular vote because of all the fake voters that voted for Clinton. Read more

Jun 30 2017

InfoWars already has them, believe it or not.

Jun 29 2017

Here’s where I stand on it: If he hadn’t broken into her car, she would not have tried to run him over. Unless you can convince me that she had been searching out someone to run over prior to that, then in my view, this guy’s fate was completely his own making. Read more

Jun 14 2017

I’ve owned a couple of these. A real nice one and a real crappy one. Both were nightmares. They drive like a Conestoga wagon, they shift like someone is down there with a sledgehammer, exhaust manifold leaks, creeping rust issues, every single seal on the crappy one leaked, and the “nice” one had an entire family of Read more

Jun 13 2017

Learn to work the saxophone
I play just what I feel
Drink Scotch whiskey all night long
And die behind the wheel