Jan 12

Why do you think we spent all that money buying the rocket, Mac?

Jan 11

“Im stuck! Boobie Sue, strap on your pushin’ wedges. Pantie Jean, you get on the left side and be sure to show off that big diamond! All right girls... 1 ...2... 3.... pose!

Jan 10

Yeah but couldn’t you specifically just force choke them until you got the price you want?

Jan 9

An STI engine swap would, of course, be neat but I’m just happy with the blue lighting if I’m honest. Read more

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Jan 9

Where the majority of editorial content comes from folks who live and work where it is impractical to own a vehicle.  Just sayin’ 

Jan 9

They seem to be straddling this really weird editorial line where personal car ownership should only be shitty vehicles that you buy for less than a $1000, drop a bunch of time and money into, and then never drive into a city. 

Jan 8

If you look at the flight path you can see that the plane was just about directly over an underground installation of some type at the time it “caught fire”: Read more

Jan 8

If I were a betting man, I’d say the Iranian military incompetently fired an antiaircraft missile from a battery protecting Tehran airport; the plane crashed right after Iran began their “response” by firing rockets at Iraq and the defensive batteries everywhere in Iran probably were/are on high alert.
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Jan 7

The EV transition all depends on battery tech. If someone develops a battery that has 400m range for a car that costs less than $30k, very few people are going to buy an ICE. Just from a practical standpoint, fewer moving parts = lower maintenance = cheaper long term costs.