5-Speed Gangsta
Dec 21 2018

Is "selling for a freind" Craigslist code for "I am going for a quick flip and didn't bother titling it in my name". I see it all the time.  I am a car guy, nobody asks me to sell their cars for them.

May 23 2018

This is a tragic accident but who wheels a a baby on or around a busy street?

Oct 13 2017

Yes, total surprise. There’s no way he could have known that steering response would be hampered with the front wheels in the air.

Nov 15 2016

I heard one time about a mechanic who accidentally got some brake fluid in his mouth, and realized he liked the taste. It started a little bit at a time, but a couple of weeks later, he was drinking four or five bottles a day, having developed a preference for DOT 3. His friends and coworkers held an intervention to Read more

Oct 25 2016

Because BMW doesn’t realize that eventually their brand will collapse after they haven’t built an “Ultimate Driving Machine” in over 20 years.