Why does it look like it’s rotors are barely turning in that video?

Nope. Pretty sure they have a couple variants of 737’s totaling about 150 airframes. Read more

Don’t current year F1 cars run a magnesium bar on the underside to create sparks? Curious if McLaren is doing the same thing on the P1 for the lulz...

Never? Is never an OK answer? Because... relative to the sheer numbers of cars out there, incidents like this are rare.

Oh, I don’t know.. maybe ethical individuals who wouldn’t allow a known problem to fester for more than a decade and kill potentially hundreds or thousands of people because The Corporation says they only get their bonus if they meet X sales goal or Y cost reduction?

Unless it was a Takata airbag. In which case, they might be better off dead than riddled with rusty shrapnel and suffering permanent eye/brain damage. Read more

“Hey, Mary! Mary! Mary Barra! Have you called Sergio yet?”

No kidding - Dodge’s deserve to be caned. Nothing more ‘Murica.

Is this a dick or what?: F1 edition

Right? This is viral marketing: the dude's face is blurred and there is a cut in the video at 40 seconds, and when it jumps, the Porsche moved. But there's no damage on either the driver's side of the Escort or the Porsche's right from corner. Read more

Car loans are backed by assets guaranteed to depreciate, so nobody really bothers packaging and selling billions of dollars of them as securities Read more

But those cars aren't the Hellcat. Nothing is the Hellcat. It's the automotive equivalent of going to the moon, something we did because science allowed us to and becausewe could and because we're exceptional and awesome and it's in our DNA to do things bigger than everyone else.

Uhhh... you know he lifted that from a Cadillac commercial, right?

That's not nice. If Jeremy Clarkson taught me anything, it is that you need to call them "asians" and not slopes.

Which makes sense. There is too much crossover between ML and GL. Read more

It'd be interesting to see how much cross shopping actually happens in this market. I suspect a big chunk of the business is brand loyalists, which may explain the stupifying overlap when trying to segment and cross shop. Read more

That's like, your opinion, man.