Sep 9

Haven’t seen a dolphin massacre like this since I was last in Japan.

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Sep 8

So you’re saying if people in Hong Kong all owned guns it would be different? Like maybe the Chinese government would somehow be too scared to crack down on them? Read more

Aug 26

This is a great article and whoever authorized an add for something called “SlottyVegas.com” to be in the middle of it should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Take your online casinos, fold them six times and shove them up your ass until they come out of your mouth.

Aug 6

How about they put small explosive charges in each front wheel, and if you hit someone else, BOOM!...

Feb 18 2019

What are your thoughts on the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre?

Dec 13 2018

As the guy who made that post (and as you can see was never given an answer) i still dont know why my buddy BigFart kept getting forced name changes. Read more

Dec 12 2018

I’ve banned a lot of people in my 10+ years working video game support, so I’ll submit two stories, both from the same company: Read more

Dec 4 2018

Look at all his majesty. Those peasants in their thatched roof cottages don’t stand a chance.

Oct 22 2018

Complete side note, but this is something it took me a depressingly long time to realize — people who perform physical tasks for their jobs end up with a lot more muscle and joint damage than people who don’t. It sounds obvious, but as somebody whose job never involves anything more physically strenuous than leisurely Read more