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6/06/16 1:50PM

My car got stolen from what was apparently the most secure shopping mall. I have a 1993 Honda Accord that I stupidly left a bunch of expensive stuff in the car (Loaded brand longboard was one of them) thinking all was good. I met up with a friend from the shopping mall and we talked for about an hour or so. When I was Read more

5/11/16 1:48PM

I have had the amazing opportunity to talk to him. I’m just getting into downhill skating and he, and now you, are my inspirations! I absolutely love doing this amazing sport, if you could say it is, and I hope to go pro one day.

5/03/16 11:58AM

True, but here is my thought. Do you know how hard it is to find a bone stock 240SX? I feel like in a case such as that, it is best to fix someone’s wrong-doings and make the car great again. I don’t know, just my thought.