Saturday 11:24AM

That’s the best curve to name in her very deserving honor. I’ll remember her every lap on my Gran Turismo sessions.

Friday 8:07AM

Interesting how nobody minds  high miles until I try to sell my R107 with 205k on it and then....it’s not worth anything because of the miles.

Friday 7:16AM

I saw one in the wild a few months ago, parked next to an AMG C63 weirdly, in front of a grocery store.  I forgot to grab a photo of the AMG.

Thursday 8:22PM

I actually SAW one of these in the wild recently, and now my girlfriend is blind because her eyes rolled right out of her head from me not being able to shut up about it.

Thursday 2:26PM

If rare color limited edition (from the picture, the engine is still the same) is going that high, I can’t imagine how astronomically high it will gonna be for a rarer Nissan Skyline GT-R M-Spec Nur which use RB26DETT N1

Thursday 2:21PM

See, I just ramble on about it so much she tells me to buy it just to shut me up. Read more

Thursday 2:17PM

This is exactly the sort of hard hitting investigative journalism that keeps me coming back. The Pulitzers are obviously rigged.

Thursday 11:40AM

My BMW 850 went that way. Still married but she warned me to tell her about the next one

6/11/21 9:39AM

If Tesla under promised and over delivered it would be Porsche.

6/09/21 3:27PM

Don’t mind me, I’m just here for the fireworks when people with no concept of sarcasm read your post...

6/09/21 3:26PM

Hopefully some of the extra revenue from these sponsored posts that I don’t read will help get some more interesting and fun stuff on Jalopnik. I miss sport compact car magazine, maybe steal their ultimate street car challenge and do a ultimate jalop car challenge. It will be so stupid and glorious.