1:38 PM

I think in the shopping analytics field, it also refers to how long they linger at certain areas of the store. (In other words, which items or displays in the store attract attention for longer than others.)

12:59 PM

“Toys“R” Us is monitoring where kids go and what they say to produce data for brands.”

12:14 PM

So the last vulture capitalists killed the company to reap millions for themselves and the new vulture capitalists are going to be using children to sell marketing data to firms.

If there’s any group of lowlife degenerates that can make communism start to sound good, it’s vulture capitalists.

11:34 AM

I recommend taking the manual on a long test drive. I post this everytime as a PSA. I had the ‘S manual and everyday I wished I got the R with paddles. The clutch is sub par, and the 1-2 shift was terrible. However the car is beautiful and the pano roof is excellent. I recommend someone seriously thinks it over. I

10:00 AM

The Mustang back seat is nearly useless even for small kids behind a tall-ish driver. 3 seater at most. Challenger is much better choice if you plan for your kids to grow legs and stuff.

1:52 PM

The Y2K thing is annoying. “Remember how everyone thought it was going to be this huge thing and nothing happened lol!” Yeah nothing happened because billions of dollars and countless hours were spent making sure nothing would happen. And it worked. Unfortunately many systems were not permanently fixed, and the Read more

1:49 PM

Delivering a staged and professionally written speech to nations that have already made great efforts to reduce emissions. Read more

1:28 PM

You do realize that many of those crises passed because people made a genuine effort to fix them, right? Y2K lead to significant changes in firmware and computing. The hole in the ozone layer lead to a comprehensive change in the refrigerants people used, resulting in a reduction of CFC emissions so drastic it Read more

1:09 PM

I’ve often observed that shitty people age faster. Of course, it’s not 100% as some people just have genes better suited to aging or are good people that have lived a life of heavy stress through no or little fault of their own, but there’s enough correlation for me to raise suspicion upon meeting. Mental problems are Read more

12:49 PM

This article will be my new perfect example of why that phrase is important. OK Boomer needs to be said when people spout off with stupid shit like this. Ooo so sorry that your TV show became irrelevant after you jumped the shark too many times. Why not blame a person trying to improve the planet. Read more

12:40 PM

Re: ozone layer. The world did make an effort to reduce ODSs via the Montreal protocol and now the layer is making a (slow, but measureable) recovery according to the EPA. Read more

11:58 AM

He’s not even 60!? I swear I thought he was nearing, if not in, his 7os. Man, that diet of bile, xenophobia, anger, and cigarettes is really not good for you. Maybe someone should make him a few more salad sandwiches?
Read more

11:56 AM

Yeeeaaah, I think the extremely high cost of cars nowadays, lengthy/horrible graduated licensing in some provinces/states and the highest insurance premiums ever might have a bit more to do with youth not being as car-loving as in the past. Read more

11:54 AM

Nah it’s not the crushing student and medical debt, it’s definitely Greta that makes young people not buy cars as much. Read more

10:37 AM

Neutral: Personally I want no less than a 24 inch screen. Also I has to be just tacked onto the dash just high enough to cause the driver to have some blind spots out the windshield. Also all controls should be on there, radio, HVAC, window switches, wipers, all of it. Also make it super bright so it blinds me Read more

10:19 AM

Neutral: No screens. None. I want a very basic radio display and nothing else. I want buttons and dials and knobs and actual physical dash components and substantial control over my driving experience.