2 Wheels awesome!
Sep 19 2017

This is what pisses me off about Amazon. Sure you can buy all your bomb making stuff online, but it kills your local mom and pop bomb shop. That’s where you’re gonna get helpful advice about bombs making with a smile.

Sep 19 2017

Are any Aggie pilots offended by this? If so, what would you doodle over the Austin area in retaliation? Bonus points of you make a recognizable drawing of a collie.

Sep 14 2017

I’ve been saying something simple about this... If the town doesn’t want your business, they can suck a fat one. Don’t give them any of your money and see how their tune changes. Read more

Sep 13 2017

That’s what happens when someone forgets to lock the dieselgate.

Sep 11 2017

Why does it seem more and more that yesterdays Reddit becomes todays Jalopnik

Sep 6 2017

Because the pilots have balls so big they need a plane like that to carry them

Sep 5 2017

But even then, you still think about keeping it. We’ve all been there.

Sep 2 2017

Thank you... If anyone ever returned a beer and told me the glass wasn’t “beer clean” enough my eyes would roll back so far I’d see my brain.

Aug 30 2017

Matt I’ve been following your various reports and there’s one common string...you are a real ignorant piece of shit Matt. > Half the turds you toss down the publishing route are fake, incompleat, unsourced, or just flat out fucking lies... dear god man... how the actual fuck are you still allowed to publish things?

Aug 30 2017

This is ridiculous! There was no price gouging concerning the water at Best Buy or Home Depot. They sold the water for what they normally sold it for in the coolers individually x 12 or 24. There are literally hundreds of other stories to tell, yet you picked the one that’s a lie. You people make my head and heart Read more

Aug 28 2017

As a Houston resident, I believe I speak for 4,000,000 of my fellow citizens when I ask you to kindly go fuck yourself.

Aug 28 2017

I hope you guys and any family you have in the area are safe! I’ve got family camped in the living room, and I’m going to be working with the libraries on recovering damaged materials.

Aug 28 2017

It’s really nice to hear some heartwarming, feel good stories when everything else around seems to be running afoul.