11:57 AM

Leave it up to apple to charge extra for something that should be included - $40 extra for wireless charging?! Take a cue from Samsung and just include the damn thing. 

9:43 PM

Anybody know what happened to tab grouping? I thought it was supposed to find its way into this release?

11:41 AM

I bought these and ended up returning them due to a couple of issues. First the ear bud sizes come in S, M, L but the actual bud size (the part that goes into your ear canal) are all the same size, the only sizing difference is the “wing” the loops into your ear to keep it in place. Because of this after a few nights Read more

3:21 PM

Couldn’t agree more - all the way down to the American cheese. Hell. Yes.

3:47 PM

I always view it like being on a boat in the water, it’s just the ebb and flow of the boat going up and down, side to side with the small waves - being in the air is very similar, floating along the air currents...

12:28 PM

I have it and would LOVE if somebody can tell me how to turn off the hover options on the right to archive, delete, etc, it is so visually distracting and not needed IMO.

1:58 PM

I’d like to also see options that use cloud based storage but don’t take up hard drive space... At work we use Dropbox business - it will appear like a folder on your computer, but it stores everything in the cloud (you can choose selectively to sync certain folders for faster views etc). For personal I use Pcloud - Read more

12:40 PM

For next time... If you want someone to finish reading your article and not scroll as quickly as humanly possible down to the bottom or have a perfectly normal adverse quick swipe backwards to the previous page, do not ever, again, ever, post closeups of Trumps mouth, ever.

11:59 AM

I did actually call my credit card company because I do get an extended warranty, but they said it had to be physical damage related, all of my problems were software so they couldn’t help me... Although technically the boot loop issue is a motherboard issue, but getting that explained to the credit card company would Read more

3:12 PM

They were, but only for phones bought directly through Google, I got mine from Amazon, so I was SOL.

3:10 PM

technically you can, but you have to kill off a few cores of the CPU slowing performance way down, so that mixed with terrible voice quality and phone shutting down at about 30% battery, I was done.

2:26 PM

My 6P just died (boot loop) so I had to buy a new phone right away, I went with the Galaxy 8+ and so far I’m loving it, I have the 2XL on order with Google still, but now I’m thinking about just canceling and staying with the 8+. It’s a shame google couldn’t use samsung displays...

6:19 PM

ummm, forget the cheese, forget the pasta, none of that actually matters when you are for real wearing a fanny pack.

2:19 PM

Anybody else getting this error with the code - “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”

Anybody else getting this error with the code - “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your

2:55 PM

Wow, the perfect go phone for my 12 year old! @$150 that’s a no brainer.

1:59 PM

Is this possible with a landline number? I’m going to dump comcast (my package was cheaper if I had a landline) but would like to keep the number, so it would be great if I could move it over to Google voice?

3:24 PM

I would buy this in a second, but there is one thing stopping me as it should others who have cut the cord and use a Roku - Playstation Vue. The PS Vue on Roku (UI & functions) is a sorry excuse compared to both Amazon’s fire and either PS3 or PS4. Until either PS or Roku update the app to something usable, I can’t Read more