Bull Moose
Jul 18 2018

Lieberman is a neoliberal and a neoconservative. That makes him a 100% scumbag.

Jul 13 2018

Yeah I looked it up, and the two have an 80-year orbital period around their barycenter and 11 AU between them. That creates a substantial problem, and pretty much excludes a stable HZ that orbits the whole binary pair - you’d have far too large of changes in distance from the pair, and have massive swings in Read more

Jul 13 2018

It takes a special kind of ignorance to look at the current political climate and think “we need more centrism.”

May 8 2018

When their first instinct is to use shame as a tactic to force others to live as they want, it’s hard to tell the socially liberal from the religiously conservative.

Mar 27 2018

Hating on black people is always a “teachable moment.” shooting black people is a “teachable moment.” Putting innocent black people in jail is a “teachable moment.” When will there be a teachable moment about respecting people of color? Or treating us equally?
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Mar 11 2018

“Most men think this is what sex is”?? That is ridiculous. Most men reading this are horrified.

Mar 7 2018

Unions are democracy in action in the workplace. Any Democrat who is anti-union is not a progressive and does not belong in an opposition party to the corporate power that is destroying this country. Shame on the DCCC for supporting an actual union buster. That should raise as much disgust as supporting a Klan member.

Feb 28 2018

No, they absolutely DID NOT win! You’ve been had, like the rest of the national media. First, two days ago Jim Justice was going on and on and on about how the state couldn’t afford 2%. Then the national news showed up and suddenly the state can afford 5%? Bullshit. Lots of Democratic state delegates and state Read more