Jul 13

This comment makes me happy. A world of Broncos rather than Explorers on the road is a hell of a lot cooler. 

Jul 13

I really, really hate that the online world is so damn harshly judgmental that some people are terrified of mildly expressing a dissenting opinion. It’s an ugly look for this site and it’s audience if a poster like this doesn’t feel like they can share their thoughts without getting trampled. Read more

Jan 23 2020

I have no problem with them having a burnout contest as long as the location is on board with it. Some won’t be due to insurance and noise concerns though. But if they allow it and it keeps them from trying to do it on public roads instead it would be a good thing.

Jan 23 2020

Wait - so people are coming to see the burnouts.... why .....because burnouts are BITCHIN. no one cares to see cars parked.

Jan 14 2020

This is in fact an awesome junkyard. US Auto in Sterling Heights is similarly fantastic.

Aug 28 2019

Got my ‘68 Cutlass when I was in college in 1995. Not my first car, but the first car I bought with my own money. It steps in as my daily every time my newer car lets me down (like this week).

Aug 15 2019

According to a certain car collector in Michigan, that Pontiac is perfectly good and worth at least $3,000.

May 11 2019

He may not have one. Driveway does not imply garage.