3/15/17 1:46PM

Obama said that a lot of the ACA was based on ideas from The Heritage Foundation, INCLUDING the individual mandate. This thing was conservative from conception to birth, this is why the AHCA and all attempts to “repeal and replace” will fail, either to pass or to cover Americans. The ACA was already a compromise of a Read more

2/21/17 6:09PM

The issue is that Thomas Jefferson’s personal life was so warped that in his world, there were no clear boundaries between ‘slave’ and ‘family’. A widower marrying the deceased wife’s sister was not an uncommon practice back then. In Thomas Jefferson’s case, he also happened to inherit his father in law’s illegitimate Read more

7/07/16 2:11PM

“and I know what I’m talking about.”

Uh, clearly not, since you’re arguing with someone who isn’t talking about her experiences in the United States at all, but rather explicitly gave personal examples of her experiences in a place where women are chattel. And you’re conflating your personal experiences in a nation Read more

7/02/16 10:29AM

Things like this make me smile and happy. Knowledge always trumps ignorance. I would rather not believe something is true - I would rather know the steps that compose the truth of a thing, so that I may judge for myself the validity of the supposition and come to the correct solution myself.
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