Jaaag Hartley

Is it really such a sacrifice to avoid looking at websites that carry news of motorsports until after you've watched it? Read more

That's why I just do something remarkable, and get this, AVOID THE INTERNET until I've seen the race. However, I will still enforce the rule of keep spoilers after the jump, for those who just happen to be browsing Oppo. Read more

Dear lord, I AM SO SORRY. I wish there was some way I could make this grave injustice up to you. You deserve SO MUCH BETTER than this sort of shabby treatment, and I am truly ashamed. Tell you what — I'll arrange for ten poster-sized, high quality photographs of each decklid in question taken, mounted and framed just Read more

I'm with ya. It's fucking ridiculous that it's even an issue. Read more

If you think gay people kissing is equivalent to WBC, you're stupid, homophobic and an asshole. Read more

someone else's sexual choice Read more

For another fun Lotus tweet that Samson apparently wasn't fired for, check out this one: Read more

If the "visualization of homosexuality" makes some people uncomfortable, then that's their problem. That's as silly, ridiculous, and backwards as saying "the visualization of an interracial relationship" makes some people uncomfortable. Read more

But even still, was it a mistake? Maybe it's not the kind of thing you would send out if you were tweeting for the Republican party, but it seemed to be in keeping with the team's previous activity on Twitter, except this time it was expressing support for gay rights in Russia. Read more

Big news for a new car. The Toyota has data from the previous two years. Read more

Nah. In fact - how disappointing that he caved to popular and boring opinion, and went for standard red. All my favorite Ferraris are something other than red. Read more

You do know that "slidy roof bit" is Swedish for "canopy", right? Read more

I fail to understand how someone else's desire to feel a modicum of comfort and control over a situation, where there is little, is such a bad thing. You say that the only thing that it does is make the prayer feel better, but why is that not enough of a reason? Read more

C'mon get better please. We don't need another death to end this year in motorsports. Praying for him. Read more

Yes, and Margaret Thatcher is beloved throughout the industrial, working-class United Kingdom. Read more

Pshaw, just wait til you see the Hennessy numbers. Read more

Don't argue with someone who can't spell "ridiculous." Read more

It's not very portable, I imagine. Read more