Jun 22

If they sold this in the states I would camp out in line to buy one.

Jan 2 2019

You're an idiot. First, he's not offering the money for the truck id, he's offering it for turning in the man who shot the little girl. And 2nd, I don't see you doing anything at all to help. Crawl back to your hole where you belong magat

Oct 27 2016

I must say I’m starting to have some doubts about this Trump gentleman. I initially quite liked his idea to make America great again; I was lucky enough to visit the country recently and I rated it only “very good” rather than “great” (I knocked a mark off because the hotel kept forgetting to change our towels and Read more

Oct 26 2016

Star this post if you think the above post is a bit needy for stars.

Sep 12 2016

Samsung Gear Icon X. $199. Wireless. Require charging. Small. Easy to lose. Yet no public outcry over price or need to charge or losability.

Sep 5 2016

I’m glad nonone is here to see me...literally laughing my head off! Best meme ever..! Read more

Feb 5 2016

Luckily for the rest of our eyes, true photographers give zero fucks about your expectations of the craft. You literally know nothing, fuckbucket.

Jan 18 2016

Dude, flawless Photoshop work! (At least from the perspective of an amateur)