So, somehow I missed the fact that Rise of the Guardians is on Netflix.

I usually stick to Pixar when it comes to 3D animated movies and ignore any other company, but I somehow managed to see the trailer for this a few months back and it really interested me. Finally saw it today after noticing an ad for it with…

So, after watching the Eddie Brock short film some posts below, I thought, "Why is there no anti-Avengers movie?"

Of course after thinking about it I realized it because the rights are so scattered, but here's my train of thought:

All Disney/Marvel have been doing is pretty fun, glossy movies. But, in the same city as…

So, I wanted somewhere to keep track of my list of favourite games. I don't ever get asked about it, but I'd like to do some sort of little story/review thing about them all in the future.

So far, this is the list:
Warioland 4 (and used to be the only one I thought of as my favourite)
Alter Echo
Tony Hawk's Pro…