Old Red Wagon
Sep 23 2019

This is pretty much the norm in South Florida

Jul 6 2019

I’ve barely owned the damn thing for a few months but I’ve felt the need for something more practical. Considering a

Jun 18 2019
Adopted a cat

So my wife and I originally planned on adopting a kitten but this sweet girl got our attention. Was very loving and

May 9 2019
Got the wheels mounted

Got the new wheels mounted. Haven’t had a chance to drive much on them. Looks like a storm was on its way and didn’t

May 8 2019
Tires got here today

So FedEx dropped off the Potenza’s. Can’t wait to get them installed tomorrow. Driving impressions to come in the

Apr 28 2019
Rear Decklid Installed

So I recently put the stock rear decklid on, I like it a lot. I’m loving the car so far. Ordered new wheels so those

Apr 15 2019
Can't Decide on Wheels

So I didn’t think I would be looking to get wheels this soon for the s2000 but the bug has already bit. Trying to

Apr 10 2019

Spotted this parked in front of me yesterday. I know to each their own but my God this is hideous. Apologies for the

Mar 31 2019
Finally Pulled the Trigger

I’ve been looking for an s2000 for the last few months and after a lot of back and forth on whether to buy or not I

Feb 18 2019
Car Spotting Miami

So i recently just moved down to Miami less than three weeks ago and the amount of money down here is ridiculous.

Feb 12 2019

Recently I moved to Miami and within the first day of being here realized people can’t drive worth a damn. Or park.

Jan 31 2019
Carfax Check?

Would anyone be able to run a Carfax for me? VIN is JHMAP214X5S003298

Jan 21 2019
Carfax Check???

Good morning Oppo, was hoping someone on here could possibly run a Carfax check for an ap2 S2000 I might be