Winchester Sister
12:58 AM

“All of which is to say that it’s hard not to feel a deep concern for what will happen to reporters on the ground tomorrow covering Trump rallies across the country, particularly when, in all likelihood, he loses.” Read more

4:35 PM

"The city's and the country's consciousness of that funeral has focused on an act of disrespect," wrote Bratton. "It was not all the officers, and it was not disrespect directed at Detective Ramos. But all officers were painted by it, and it stole the valor, honor, and attention that rightfully belonged to the Read more

3:32 PM

"It's a misconception that has led to the victim-blaming of some of the most marginalized and vulnerable peoples on the planet; it's a disturbing sentiment that could conceivably be used to justify inaction when confronting epidemics." Read more

1:11 AM

"Because of course a black woman cannot write about other black women without being inehrently autobiographical. Apparently, we are not afforded the same creative ability as literally every white man in Hollywood." Read more