Mclaren movie...

Its a nice watch... seeing the story of the man behind the cars. How he started.. raced...his life story. It takes you back to the days when cars were designed for aerodynamics and horsepower to achieve insane speeds. And everything was mechanical, no help from electronic gadgets or computers.


 A blue 'box skyline'

I have to agree with what some are saying... the silver version does look better, this one looks a bit unfinished, a bit rough, and could use maybe 1 ro 2 coats of polish. But, just the same, I have to applaud Mattel by making this, because if they actually wanted to differentiate themselves from the other brands…

A silver Ford

With all the reviews coming out lately about the 2017 Ford GT... small wonder there’s a ton of interest about the car from the net. After watching some reviews, it kinda got me in the mood to reshoot the Ford GT... but this time I opted for the silver version. :D